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What about Scholarships & work during studies in Canada?

The best part is that you will be eligible for scholarships and financial assistance in Canada even if you are an international student. Keep in mind that financing isn’t always guaranteed, and you may need to do some research to figure out what you’re eligible for and how to apply.

Many graduate programmes will offer a financial package that includes scholarships and bursaries if you are a graduate student at a Canadian university. You should also check with your school’s financial assistance office to determine whether any international students are eligible for any grants or scholarships.

Are you able to work in Canada?

You’re going to wonder what all the restrictions are for international students who want to work to help pay for school or gain relevant work experience. The answer is that you can work, but only in certain places and for a certain duration of time.

You can work however many hours as you like on campus as an international student, but you’ll need to apply for a Social Insurance Number. You may also be able to work off campus for up to 20 hours per week and in a co-op employment, but only if your degree requires a co-op placement in order to graduate. During designated breaks, such as the summer, the winter holidays, or reading week, you are also eligible to work full-time off campus. You can work overtime or two part-time jobs that sum up to more than an average work week during those periods, but you must be a full-time student before and after the break to be eligible for full-time employment.

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