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More workers are needed in Quebec to fill employment shortages, according to a report.

Quebec has a strong economy and a record number of job openings to begin the year. The provincial and federal governments have proposed a number of measures to assist immigrants in order to address labour shortages.

According to the report, Quebec’s older society will continue to affect supply of labor, as workers reach retirement amid a period of high available jobs and low unemployment. Some types of workers, even those in the age 55 plus group, are also not totally ready for work and it may be difficult to induce small employers among them to return.

With more career opportunities from home or in a hybrid version, jobs that do not offer this option would become less preferable to potential employees. Employers who are having difficulty filling positions may need to lower their hiring standards, particularly those related to academic credentials. If this becomes the case, it would mean that educational qualifications for a given job may not be as strict as they were before the pandemic. To maintain competitiveness, businesses may be able to offset this by putting more emphasis on leadership learning and in-house training.

Finally, more professions will be seeking for applicants with stronger reading comprehension, writing, and complicated problem-solving skills, despite the fact that digital literacy is already a problem in Quebec and the rest of Canada. The demand for qualified professionals will continue to rise, particularly in the fields of health care, social assistance, education, information technology, and construction.

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