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More opportunities for temporary visa holders in Australia

Ben Watt, a migration lawyer for Visa Envoy, said while numerous impermanent visa holders left 

Australia during the pandemic because of an absence of work and government assistance support, he presently expects the attention will be on offering Permanent residency pathways to the people who stayed, with a portion of those pathways previously reported.

The 2021-22 arranging level was kept up with at 160,000 places and continued the creation from the earlier year, significance there were 79,600 spots for the Skill stream, 77,300 for Family, 100 for Special Eligibility and 3,000 for children.

“As far as I might be concerned, [the Department of Home Affairs] appears to need to fill that 160,000 with many individuals who are here on those temporary visas. They’re attempting to draw those permanent migrants from individuals who are in Australia,” he said.

“That’s the big change; they are loosening up and offering a lot of different pathways, and a lot of extensions, for people who are already here to achieve their migration dream.”

“The government has already introduced a number of visa changes throughout the pandemic and will continue to review visa settings to support Australia’s economic recovery,” a spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs said. 


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