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How to Sponsor Your Family for Canada immigration?


Citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their immediate families to immigrate to Canada.

You, as the sponsor, must meet certain qualifying requirements. For instance, you must be at least 18 years old; have Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or Indian status (under the Indian Act); prove that you are not receiving social assistance; and be able to financially support your family.

There are a few additional particular requirements as well. If you are a citizen applying to sponsor your family from outside Canada, you must demonstrate that you intend to return once Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes a decision on your file. Spouses of permanent residents must be sponsored from within Canada. There are also some circumstances that may make you ineligible for sponsorship, such as not having your bankruptcy discharged.

Canada recognizes three types of partners when it comes to sponsoring under this program: spouses, common-law partners, and conjugal partners. You can also sponsor your children who are financially reliant on you.

An in-person ceremony is required for spouses to marry their sponsor. Virtual marriages are not recognized for immigration grounds.

Common-law partners must show that they have been living together for at least a year.

Conjugal partners are people who live outside of Canada and have been together for at least a year. They must show that there are legal or social obstacles that prevent them from marrying or living together. A conjugal spouse who lives in Canada cannot be sponsored.

Your partner must be over the age of 18 in all situations. IRCC will conduct medical and background security investigations to ensure that your companion is eligible to enter the country. People who have been convicted of a crime are frequently denied entry to Canada, but there may be ways to avoid criminal inadmissibility.

The immigration officer working on your case will also want to see proof that you and your partner are truly in love. They want to admit people who are coming to Canada for repatriation, and not people who are just getting married for the sole purpose of Canadian immigration.

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