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Canada welcomes 829 PNP candidates, After announcing that all-program draws will restart in July

On April 27, Canada invited 829 Express Entry applicants to apply for permanent residency.

All of the invited applicants had previously received a nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and had a CRS of at least 772. Because Express Entry candidates receive an automatic 600 points boost when they receive a provincial nomination, the minimum score was rather high. The lowest-scoring contenders would have received 172 base points if they had not been nominated.

Immigration, Refugees and Permanent residency Canada (IRCC) invited 787 PNP applicants with scores of at least 782 in the preceding invitation round.

In July, the FSWP and CEC drawings will resume.

Express Entry invites for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates will start by early July, according to Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser. In addition, the majority of new Express Entry applications will be processed within the six-month time frame once again.

Prior to the pandemic, IRCC only staged PNP-only draws on a very rare occasion. IRCC would frequently encourage the people with the best scores to apply for immigration, regardless of which program they were eligible for.

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