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CAIPS Notes  are electronic notes that provide visa application information.

Already applied and want to know what’s going on with your application? Outside of Canada, immigration offices keep records in a Computer-Aided Immigration Processing System (CAIPS), a database related to the applications processed. This system is used to process a wide range of applications, including:

This is not the same as the information available on “e-client,” but rather a very detailed record of the file. Aside from the information submitted in the Application Forms, the records contain comments or notes made on the file by the Immigration officer. This information is valuable because it provides insight into how the immigration department views a specific application and the issues that they consider important in decision-making. This allows us to advise the applicant on how to make a more favorable presentation and address any potential gaps in the Application before making a decision. In most cases, this can either reduce processing times, enable the client to face the interview with confidence, prepare the client better to address the issues that are likely to be raised, or in a worst case scenario, avoid the dejecting rejection of an application.

CAIPS/GCMS Notes will provide information like:

We can request CAIPS/GCMS notes regardless of where your applications are located. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to receive the Notes. Because these are the Notes from the Immigration file, this request has no bearing on the processing of an ongoing application. CAIPS/GCMS Notes are written in codes that are used by the immigration department and are difficult to decipher. We complete the work for you and, upon request, provide a written report. Furthermore, relevant records from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and Canada Border Services Agency may be available (CBSA).

Keep up to date on the status of your application by using the CAIPS/GCMS Notes package!



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