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Advantages of Canadian Residency

There are several compelling reasons to convert from permanent resident to Canadian citizen.

Aside from the security and pride that come with citizenship, there are some benefits that permanent residents do not have.

Here are 4 advantages of becoming a Canadian citizen.

1. There is no need to reapply for status.

The majority of PR cards are only good for five years. It is feasible to meet the residency criterion for citizenship during that time. Before applying, permanent residents must have spent 1,095 days in Canada in the previous five years.
There is no requirement to update your citizen status once you have become a citizen. Citizenship certificates are valid for an infinite period of time.

2. Employment opportunities are expanding.

Permanent residents are not eligible to apply for jobs that are only available to Canadian citizens. Only Canadian citizens are eligible for government jobs and positions that require security clearances.

3. Better prevention against status loss

Permanent residents, depending on how long they have lived in Canada, are subject to deportation.

Citizenship status can only be removed in a few rare instances. According to Canadian law, an individual citizenship can be stripped away if it was collected by false statement, fraud, or knowingly concealing relevant circumstances. Security, human or worldwide rights violations, or criminal enterprises are some of the other reasons for citizenship revocation.

4.  Sovereignty of the people

All elections in Canada are open to Canadian citizens. People can also run for political office and represent their constituents on important issues to Canadians.

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